It’s been three months already since the launch of! This year is flying by, which is probably good thing with how much of a shit show 2020 has been. It’s important to keep your mind busy during these unprecedented times and has helped me with that. Since the initial launch in July, we’ve hit nearly 100k views on our videos and averaged 2k unique visitors each week. This is incredible for such a niche website so I wanted to give everyone a big thank you for their contributions and support!

The initial website served it’s purpose as a place to view and download pre-rolls but it was very limited. I went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned everything to closer align with my vision of being a place to share and download pre-rolls. It took a lot of effort and a bigger budget but I think the improvements are worth it.

What’s new?


You can now search for videos by title, platform, duration, quality, collection and soon by creator. Finding and sharing videos should be easier than ever.


Now you can be notified of new pre-rolls for your media server platform the next time you log in. Simply register for an account and subscribe to your platform’s video channel.


Videos have their own posts now. In addition to making search possible, it also allows you to see when the video was uploaded and how many views it has.


Download links for videos are permanent so you can share them now! As part of this, I was also able to include download links for 1080p versions of videos that were originally uploaded in 4K. This was a pretty big limitation for users that didn’t want their servers transcoding pre-rolls.


If you have an account, you can like/dislike videos and comment on them. You can also see other member’s posts and send them a message. More to come in this space so stay tuned!

Donation goals

The donations page now shows the progress towards a donation goal amount that helps cover video and website hosting. This website relies on donations and small commissions to keep the lights on so thank you for your support!

What’s next?

The Halloween Collection was a lot of fun to make and it was very popular so I’ll be following that up with a collection for the Holidays. I’ll be sure to post on r/PlexPrerolls when they’re ready!

All the best,