Jellyfin Pre-rolls Guide

Pre-rolls are supported in Jellyfin by installing the Jellyfin Plugin Intros plug-in created by u/gellifin. The plug-in allows you to play an intro before Movies and TV from a local directory or you can specify Vimeo IDs for the plug-in to cache. The Vimeo option is no longer recommended now that hosts its own videos and some users may experience quality issues.


The install process is super simple and will only take a few minutes using the Jellyfin dashboard. Before you begin, make sure you copy your downloaded Jellyfin intros to a directory that Jellyfin has access to.

Questions or Issues?

If you have any issues setting up pre-rolls, click the chat badge to join the Discord server where can you ask the community for live help in the support channel.

How to install the Jellyfin Intros Plugin

Step 1 - Add the plugin repository to Jellyfin

  1. Navigate to your Jellyfin Dashboard
  2. Jellyfin Dashboard
  3. Select Plugins from the sidebar
  4. Jellyfin Plugins
  5. Click the Repositories tab and the + button to add a repository
  6. Add a repository
  7. Give the repoistory a meaningful name and input the Repository URL:
    Repository settings
  9. Click Save and the repository should be listed
  10. Repository added

Step 2 - Install the plugin

  1. Click the Catalog tab on the Plugins page
  2. Catalog tab
  3. Select the Intros plugin you added from step 1
  4. Intros plugin
  5. Click Install and OK on the confirmation screen
  6. Intros plugin installation Intros plugin confirmation
  7. Click Got It and restart your Jellyfin server
  8. Intros plugin success

Step 3 - Configure the plugin

  1. Once the server has been restarted, click the My Plugins tab and then click the Intros plugin to configure settings.
  2. My Plugins page
  3. Input the local directory where you copied the downloaded intros to and click Save. Jellyfin will play a random intro from this directory unless you specify the full path to a video.
  4. Intros plugin settings
  5. The plugin is now configured! Test it out by playing a Movie or TV show and review the logs if there are any issues.
  6. Jellyfin logs

Step 4 - Enable Cinema Mode on clients

  1. Cinema Mode must be enabled on Roku clients in order for custom intros to play. This may apply to other clients as well if you experience playback issues. On the client, navigate to user Settings -> Playback and enable Cinema Mode.
  2. User Settings

Looking for more pre-rolls?

Search the portal for hundreds of Jellyfin pre-rolls created by members in the community and check out our curated list of templates for creating your own pre-rolls. If you're unable to create your own, we also have a shop for custom ordering personalized pre-rolls to help support the project.